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ISC New Bylaws 2017

Approval Process 15 - 25 October 2017

Go Here for more info ...

Welcome ISC Members


Membership of ISC is open to all those who have reached Dan grade in Shintaido, Shintaido Bojutsu and Shintaido Karate.

Members who have paid their membership fees will receive access to the member area via the 'Member Login' using (Username or email + password).

After login, members can 'Edit Profile' details such as:

  • choose a Profile 'image from the gallery' or 'upload your own image' (click on dropdown menu);
  • Japanese members can add your 'Name in Japanese';
  • change your 'email', 'username' or 'password';
  • update your 'Shintaido Rank', 'Bojutsu Rank' and/or 'Karate Rank';
  • add your 'Town - City'; 'Local Group'; 'National Group'; 'Region';
  • add 'Website' address' or other url eg. your blog/facebook/twitter (only one url per field);
  • add 'Interests' (no text limit, just enter your information);
  • choose 'Front-end Language' settings;
  • select your 'Time Zone'.

Note: Make sure to click on the 'Update' button at the end to update your profile details. Fields left blank will not display in the Profile page.

If Internet Explorer does not allow profile updates, please use FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera browsers to update profiles.

ISC Members will have further access to articles, info about exams, forums, 2012 International event, and other timely announcements.

Please contact Michael This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any requests, feedback, web issues or help that you may need.

Bo Kumite


Member Login