ISC New Bylaws 2017

Approval Process 15 - 25 October 2017

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Shintaido (a Japanese word translated as new Body Way) is a unique combination of martial arts and body movement that cultivates the spirit along with the mind and body. It has been called a moving meditation. In Japanese, Shintaido means "new body way." Shintaido's forms exemplify openness and freedom. The movements of Shintaido provide a new way of experiencing our relationship with ourselves, others, nature, and the spiritual world.

As well as being a practical martial art Shintaido is also a form of artistic expression, a healthy exercise, and a path of self-discovery and transformation. Shintaido attracts people who are interested in change, self development, and re-connecting with their bodies, their community, their spiritual nature.

Shintaido is practised with bare hands, but its very broad curriculum also includes bojutsu, involving the use of the long staff (or bo), and kenjutsu, using a wooden sword (or bokuto).


Shintaido was started in Japan in the 1960's under the leadership of Mr. Hiroyuki Aoki, with a group of martial artists, musicians, actors, visual artists, and others who wished to combine traditional wisdom with aspirations for peace, freedom and equality. The Shintaido philosophy is grounded in body movement. It takes us to the core of our beings to express our highest aspirations:

  • to find our true selves,
  • to communicate with others,
  • to become unified with nature,
  • and to contribute to the struggle for world peace through the practice of Taimyo kata and the development of the worldwide Taimyo network.